London Review of Books: Among the Alawites

Islamists and the Syrian Uprising

Article on the challenges faced by Alawites opposed to the Syrian regime

Q&A with me about the future in Syria

Q&A with me about daily life in Syria

Q&A with me about Syrian sectarianism

Q&A with me about the Syrian protest movement

Q&A with me about the Syrian insurgency

The Assault on Homs

Articles from my July 2011-September 2011 trip to Syria

Part 1 of my series on Syria: The revolution will be weaponised

Part 2 of my series on Syria: Armed defenders of Syria’s revolution

Part 1 of 3 in my Series on Syrian Demonstrations

Part 2 of 3 in my Series on Syrian Demonstrations

Part 3 of 3 in my Series on Syrian Demonstrations

On Syria’s Mufti Hassoun and his slain son

The Alawites of Syria, part 1

The Alawites of Syria, part 2


About My New Book

Excerpt from Aftermath about the Battle of Nahr al Bared in Lebanon and Sunni sectarianism

Excerpt from Aftermath about the Halba massacre in north Lebanon

Excerpt from Aftermath about Sunni militias in Lebanon’s lawless Beqaa Valley

Excerpt from Aftermath about the demise of the Iraqi Awakening groups

Excerpt from Aftermath about the war in Afghanistan

Interview about Aftermath with Harper’s Scott Horton

Interview about Aftermath with Salon’s Glenn Greenwald (transcript and audio)

What is next for Iraq, Afghanistan, and U.S. grand strategy? With Nir Rosen, Andrew J. Bacevich, and Barry R. Posen

Articles from 2003 to 2011

Text of my speech critiquing Western media coverage of the Middle East (al jazeera)

My Article on the Significance of the Bin Laden Killing

My Article on Regional Sectarianism

My Article on the Persecution of Yemeni Shiites

My Article on the Yemeni regime’s persecution of a cartoonist and journalist

An Article on Yemeni State Repression

Long article on how the revolution in Yemen and started, who the revolutionaries are and the government’s brutal response

New Statesman article about the revolution in Yemen

“Saleh måste gå!”

Thoughts on Al Jazeera

Thoughts on revolution, Saudi Arabia and Qat

Foreign Policy: Comparing Iraq to Afghanistan

The Iraqi Police and Iraqi Army

Iraq Today for Foreign Policy

Iraqi youth growing up in war

On the Iraqi political impasse and the US role

Iraq’s next chapter: power shift as Awakening languishes

A visit to Sadr City

On the Shabab attacks in Somalia

and a companion piece on who are the Shabab

Independent Film Channel Documentary on Afghanistan

Voices from Afghanistan

The End of Violent Sectarianism in Iraq

Iraq on the eve of the 2010 elections

With the Afghan Police

On counterinsurgency in Afghanistan

On the Anniversary of the Beirut Marine Barracks Bombings

Post Surge Iraq, a look at Washash and Basra

On Iraq, the Awakening Groups, the End of the Civil War

On Iraq Six Years After the Fall of Baghdad

الفلسطينيون يستعيدون معركة خيبر… والأنفاق «خطة» عسكرية قديمة

منطق الاستعمار  جريدة الأخبار

On the Gaza Attacks for the Guardian

Reaction to attack on Gaza for the National

“The Broken State” Afghanistan

“How we Lost the War we Won” (Rolling Stone Magazine article about the Taliban)

Security Contractors in Iraq

“We Run the Road” Radical Sunnis in Lebanon’s Majd al Anjar

“The Great Divide” The Sadrist movement in Baghdad

Nir Rosen vs. Senator Joe Biden at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Video of exchange between Nir Rosen and Senator Joe Biden

“Theater of the Absurd” The Americans release Shiite prisoners in Baghdad

“Selling the War with Iran”

Uprooted and Unstable: Meeting Urgent Humanitarian Needs in Iraq:

Egypt: Respond to the needs of Iraqi refugees: 

Iraq: Fix the Public Distribution System to meet needs of the displaced:

“The Myth of the Surge” (Rolling Stone Magazine) 

“Al-Qaeda in Lebanon” (Boston Review)

“Scapegoats in an Unwelcoming Land” (The Washington Post)

“No Going Back: Little Relief in Sight for Displaced Iraqis” (The Boston Review)

“What Bremer Got Wrong in Iraq” (The Washington Post)

“The Flight from Iraq” (New York Times Magazine)

“Security Contractors: Riding Shotgun with Our Shadow Army in Iraq” (Mother Jones)

“The Mayor, The Martyr, and the Pomegranate Trees” (Mother Jones)

“Leaving Iraq: The Grim Truth” (Rolling Stone)

“Anatomy of a Civil War” (The Boston Review)

“Hizb’Allah Party of God” (

“Hizb’Allah Party of God” in Arabic” (Wa3ad)

Did the Invasion Make Things Worse in Iraq?” (

“Thinking Like a Jihadist: Iraq’s Jordanian Connection” (World Policy Journal)

“Meanwhile…” (New York Daily News)

“Killing Fields” (The Washington Post)

“On the Ground in Iraq: The Roots of Sectarian Violence” (The Boston Review)

“Iraq’s Jordanian Jihadis” (The New York Times Magazine)

“Students, soldiers, sinners, spies: a journey through the terror of Pakistan”

My Essay in the Boston Review’s Iraq Exit Strategy Forum

Link to the Forum

“If America Left Iraq” for the Atlantic Monthly

“America’s Unlikely Savior: a Profile of Muqtada Sadr in”

Profiling the Iraqi Elections in Kirkuk (The New York Times Magazine Magazine)

Analyzing the Iraqi Elections for Harper’s Magazine

Letter From Falluja: A dangerous excursion into the heart of the Sunni opposition (The New Yorker Magazine)

Inside the Iraqi Resistance a Seven Part Series on Falluja for Asia Times

Published Letter to the Atlantic Monthly’s editor about Robert Kaplan’s Falluja Article

Unintended Consequences: A Forum on Iraq and the Mideast for The Nation Magazine

Every Time the Wind Blows: 5 part series with 3rd Armored Cavalry (Asia Times)

The New Republic: Gardez Dispatch on the Afghan Elections

Bullets and Ballots pre Afghan election series

The battle for Sunni hearts and minds

Defiant sheikhs and deadly shakedowns

Lessons from a Sunni pulpit

Sunnis wait for their moment

In Tikrit, Sunnis are rising against U.S. occupation (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Marines Cast as Mongols (Time)

The Shi’ite voice that will be heard

Iraq’s cleric who would be heard

Muqtada’s powerful push for prominence

Does the Shi’ite turban fit?

US newspaper ban plays into cleric’s hands

Iraq and the one-eyed liar

Beware of Iraq’s whipping boys

Shi’ite bombings: Civil war a step closer

Shi’ites hit at most sensitive moment

Iraq: Enemies and neighbors

Iraq’s religious tide cannot be turned back

Just another Baghdad car bombing

Fear and fortitude in Baghdad

How the Middle East is really being remade

“It’s All Bad News” Chaos in liberated Iraq

Everyday Chaos

Just Another Street Killing

When fear turns to anger

Iraq: Three from one doesn’t add up

American Intelligence and WMDs

Turning Against the “Liberators” (Salon)

Uncovering the Dead (IWPR)

Mean Streets (IWPR)

Unsavory Allies Stack CIA’s Deck (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

About Nir

Born in New York in 1977, Nir Rosen has been reporting from Iraq since April of 2003 and has spent most of the last eight years in Iraq. He has also reported from Afghanistan, Pakistan, the former Yugoslavia, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Mexico, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Yemen, Turkey and Egypt. He has written for magazines such as The New Yorker, Rolling Stone and most major American publications. He has filmed documentaries. His first book, "In the Belly of the Green Bird: The Triumph of the Martyrs in Iraq," was published in 2006. His new book, “Aftermath: Following the Bloodshed of America’s Wars in the Muslim World,” was published in 2010 and is about occupation, resistance, sectarianism and civil war from Iraq to Lebanon to Afghanistan. He can be reached at NIRROSEN@YAHOO.COM

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